TJ-368 Manual hot stamping machine

TJ-368 Manual hot stamping machine

TJ-368 Manual Hot Stamping Machine

Model TJ-368
Max. Pressure 3 ton
Max. Stamping Size 310×210mm
Worktable Area 360×310mm
Max. Working Height 40mm
Temperature 0~300℃
Total Power 1kw
Weight 140kgs
Dimension(LxWxH) 640×540×710mm

1. This machine shares high and even pressure. It is easy to operate and has a stable characteristic.Automatic constant temperature, automatic counting and stroke self-setting functions are available.

2. It is a widely used to hot stamping decorative designs, patterns, characters and combined trademarks on paper, leathers, plastic cements, hard rubbers, PVC soft rubbers, wood wares, bamboo articles,photos, cloth and art wares, etc.

3. It can also meet the integrated requirements of hot stamping, embossing and creasing which will be the ideal choice of short run job.

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