TJM-468-8T Hot stamping die cutter

TJM-468-8T Hot stamping die cutter

TJM-468-8T Hot Stamping Machine

Model TJM-468-8T
Max. Pressure 8 Ton
Max. Stamping Size 450×290mm
Max. Cutting Area 430×270mm
Worktable Area 560×390mm
Max. Working Height 90mm
Workable Stroke 280mm
Temperature 0~300℃
Air Supply 0.8~1.2mpa
Total Power 3kw
Weight 510kgs
Dimension 970×840×1760mm

1. One man operation with easy parameters setting on touch screen, mainly used for hot stamping, embossing and die cutting on various flat-surface materials.

2. Boosting cylinder driving system from German technology can be freely switching between two-stroke and three-stroke to save energy in high efficiency.

3. The main driving system works together with up-and-down buffering system, which makes sure the high working precision.

4. The foil advancing length and skipping steps can be set on touch screen as you wish.

5. The dwell time and pressure can be adjusted to meet different requirements.

6. CE standard design guaranteed the good quality electric parts to be used and also the detailed safety consideration for the operator.

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